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Happy Wedding Day, Lynn!

24 Apr

I met Lynn in April of 2003 (OMG, 7 years ago).  We’ve both been through a ton of stuff since then and we don’t see each other as often as I wish we did, but I am so very happy for her and her fiance David.  Can’t wait to see you two get married today!

Lynn at her bridal shower (opening my gift!)



26 Oct

You might notice a few changes around here (then again, you might not!) over the next couple of days.  I have decided to make my blog public and searchable, instead of private (only available to people who know the URL).  I don’t really know why, except that I’ve been enjoying plenty of other peoples’ blogs all year and I don’t know why I couldn’t share mine.  There are a few topics I deemed not for public consumption, but for the most part it’s all here still (and what’s not here I’ve saved – it’s just not available to everyone, all the time).  The topics will still stay relatively the same – if something strikes me or if I want to share, I’ll post (hopefully with more frequency than I have been!).  I just will be mindful of the fact that everyone can now read what I type! 🙂

And One More Thing…

23 Dec

I was reminded today when I was wrapping presents of one more thing.  Another piece of “homework,” shall we say.

One of the most important things about feeling good about yourself is seeing yourself in a good light.  Most of the time, we see ourselves in the mirror – all stressed out and looking tired – or in snapshots – usually with a strange expression on our faces.  Often, when we’re the most dressed up – to go out for an evening on the town or to a friend’s wedding – we are the least likely to be featured in a photograph.

So here’s your assignment: get some good photos taken.  Spend some money to have them professionally done, or have a friend take them, or pose in front of your own digital camera with the delay on.  But you need to have really beautiful, sexy photos of yourself.

My favorite photographs of myself are from our wedding, and photos I took for my husband for Christmas.  In the former, I’m dressed in a beautiful fluffy wedding dress.  In the latter, I’m dressed in a very cute, very short Santa outfit.  In one, I’m full of joy.  In the other, I’m trying very hard to be sexy!  But the one thing about both is that I took time to prepare – I have a full face of makeup (something I rarely wear in “real life”) and my hair is done.  My face is not screwed up like it is in most snapshots of events (usually I’m talking) – I’m looking at the camera and concentrating on looking good, or not concentrating on the camera at all.

Regardless, these photos draw me in.  I look like me – but I look good!  You can see the extra flab under my arms, the place where my skin is squeezed by the opening in my sleeve, and my extra arm hair.  In the photos I took yesterday, you can see some strange little scars that barely show up every day but are enhanced by the magic of photography (I didn’t have a chance to worry about retouching them).  But my eyes pop, my hair falls just right, and my outfit shows off my figure well (even the lingerie doesn’t actually reveal a thing).

I look hot.

So like I said, it’s important.  Have beautiful photos taken of yourself.  Or take them of yourself.  Get dressed in something that makes you feel good – whether it’s a dress (wedding or otherwise), lingerie, or even your favorite pair of jeans.  Put on a full face of beautiful makeup – that means eyeliner, eyeshadow, plenty of concealer, lipstick, etc. – and get your hair done.  Look at the camera and smile.  Then turn your head a little.  Pout.  Try a sexy look – even if you’re in a wedding dress and even if you feel silly.  Have two hundred shots taken of you looking at the camera – or away from it – in as many ways as possible.

Then take a good look.  There will certainly be photos you can’t stand.  But there’s bound to be three or four you like – in which the gorgeous combination of hair, makeup, and clothing work.  In which your eyes sparkle and you look your best.

Concentrate on it.  Look at it whenever you feel down on yourself.  See past the funny little rolls and wrinkles.

You look hot too.

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