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Nutella Yogurt

18 Jan

Okay, this isn’t so much a recipe as a rave.  I’ve told you before about my love of Nutella.  And a loooong time ago I discussed some tummy trouble I’d been having.  I still try to eat yogurt on a regular basis (3-5 times per week) even though I’ve recently discovered that part of my troubles stem from lactose intolerance (apparently brought on by my bout with the stomach flu two whole years ago).  Thank goodness for Lactaid!

Anyway, I usually buy those little containers of yogurt for $.50 or $.75 a pop…  The really truly good ones at Henry’s and Trader Joe’s are up to $1.25 apiece and seriously worth it in flavor, but I always feel weird about spending that kind of cashola.  So I broke down on Saturday and purchased a big ol’ tub of nonfat vanilla Brown Cow yogurt at Henry’s for around $3.  I’ve tried all kinds of brands but this is my favorite by far.

Anyway, this morning I decided I wanted a little more flavor.  I love chocolate yogurt (it’s like dessert!) so I figured why not stir in a little Nutella?  The best part is that just a half a teaspoon helped to flavor the whole cup of yogurt – so even though it’s definitely more sugar than I’d normally have for my daily yogurt intake, it’s not liable to spike my blood sugar too much.  It’s a treat, but it’s an amazing treat.  Do you remember my Nutella cream cheese frosting?

It’s exactly like that.  But, you know, healthy.  🙂

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