SUPER Quick Post

15 Nov

I am SO busy right now I don’t have time for a proper post, but I had to write a quick update since it’s been a while…  Here goes!

    • I’ve got a job interview tomorrow!  EEE!
    • A few posts ago I alluded to a pumpkin cheesecake…  I made it this weekend.  It’s not quite right and I need to try again later this week (but it wasn’t really the pumpkin or the cheesecake that was an issue but the spices I dumped in).  It will be legend…  wait for it…  ary!
    • I had a grilled cheese party with friends this weekend.  I am now enamored with gruyere + nutmeg + green apple + carmelized onion, AKA “fondue grilled cheese”.
    • At the party, I shared a pickled onion I made the week before.  It was so good that I got requests for the recipe.  Only I didn’t use a recipe.  And I didn’t write down what I did.  I made my first attempt to recreate it yesterday – too much vinegar, not enough sugar.  But I’ll keep working on it and once I get that perfected it’ll be posted.  Seriously, I don’t like raw onions or most pickles.  These are the best pickled onions I’ve ever had!
    • Our garden rocks.  Seriously.  And we’ve got tons of tiny lettuce plants.  Yay for re-seeding! 😉
    • I’m working with my neighbor on a Holiday decorating and design service!  So excited for the opportunity!  Check us out:!  Right now we’re working as private individuals – we don’t even know if we’ll make a single cent this year – but we both LOVE the holidays!!
    • And of course I’m coordinating a wedding for L & J in less than 2 weeks!  EEE!!!

    That’s my life in a nutshell…  And I’m off!


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