Garden Update

6 Nov

I promised it wouldn’t be another 3 months before my next garden update, didn’t I? 😉

I wanted to share the exciting news about my new babies!

First, baby pumpkin:

I hand-pollenated this sucker last week and I'm SO pleased to see it growing!

And then there’s my baby watermelons.  Assuming they continue to grow as they should, we’ll have watermelons in December or January!

I just realized I should have put a quarter, or a ruler, or something in the photo so you could have some perspective. This is about 4 1/2 inches long right now.

And this one's smaller - just under 3 inches long right now!

And then there’s my back yard.  This is my tomato bed.  As you can see, it’s very different than it was.  In the back you’ll see the Sungold plant – it’s my original plant that I’ve had since the springtime, but I cut it way back.  I harvested my first two fruit off it this week, and I’m hoping that the recent spat of hot, hot, hot weather helps promote some more fruit set!  You’ll see a Paul Robson tomato plant, too, that I harvested three fruit from last week.  The eggplant is still next to the house, too.

Here are my brussels sprouts and a pot of lettuce – I hope that the hot weather hasn’t messed these cold-weather veggies up!

And here’s our artichoke plant, growing right back up around this year’s first plant (that obviously is dry and dead).

Yes, that’s a lot of grass and weeds.  They kind of took over with all the rain we had in October.  Oh well, we did our best!  We’ve also got arugula, broccoli, and another couple of tomatoes, beets, and the leftover eggplants and peppers (still producing, as is the okra).  This year’s garden has given us so very much gorgeous produce; it’s totally worth the work and expense! 🙂


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