Happy Halloween!

29 Oct

I’m currently at work, where we had a Superhero dress up theme for Halloween, and I wanted to share my costume.

Wonder Woman!

I didn’t get dressed in front of a mirror (I used an empty office) and I probably should have, but you can get the gist.  This will be worn at least once more (but probably on Saturday and Sunday both).  It’s totally homemade and cost about $15.

The skirt was from Old Navy (their clearance section, for $1.97) and the top was from JC Penney (also on clearance, it cost less than $4).  I had some dark fabric iron on transfers left over from a friend’s birthday party that I used to get the logo and stars on the outfit.

The headpiece is a $1.99 foam tiara from Michael’s that I cut the spiky bits off of and stuck a pretty red star onto (the star came in a package of 25 for $2), and the bracelets and belt are made from the same foam material – three pieces set me back about $5.  I got a belt to wear underneath everything from Ross on clearance for $5.  I also have a golden lasso but left it at home.  Darn!  The boots are the only things that cost more but I’ll be wearing them later so they don’t count!

Wonder Woman is easily my favorite superhero, so it was a no-brainer when I heard that was our theme.  When I was itty-bitty, my mom made me a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween.  I wore it until I couldn’t fit into it anymore!

Yes this is me about 27 or 28 years ago...

We have a full weekend ahead of us, with a party to attend tomorrow night and a mini-gathering at our house Sunday.  I have to keep this costume looking fresh and clean so I can wear it again (and hopefully sew on the belt properly!).  My husband is going as Clark Kent, complete with a Superman shirt underneath his suit…  That I made from an iron-on too!  Yay creativity and thriftiness!


Have a Happy Halloween!


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