I’m still here!

15 Oct

I know you’re probably tired of me saying how busy I am…  But it’s true!  Yesterday was my day off and I had every intention of updating my blog with pretty photos…  Unfortunately I tripped and twisted my bad ankle (ruined 20+ years ago when I fractured it stepping in a gopher hole at my grade school, and prone to horrific twisting and swelling ever since) and spent most of the afternoon flat on my back.  Apparently, while nursing that injury I favored my right side, thereby tweaking my left lower back.  Yeah, I’m a mess.

So I’m updating this morning.  No pretty pictures.  Sorry.

I did experiment a little bit last weekend with baking – I came up with a beautiful savory muffin recipe that I will make some time soon for the blog.  It’s basically a biscuit dough that you add things to, but it comes out light and fluffy and gorgeous.  I was planning on making my Asti Spumante cupcakes for a birthday party and ran out of time.  Now I remember why I didn’t do too much “fancy” cooking when I was fully employed – lately if I cook it’s been either a crockpot dinner or a casserole I can toss together in under an hour (Last night was a tuna-noodle casserole riffing on my childhood.  The only time my mom would do something separate for me for dinner was when the rest of my family would have Kraft mac and cheese and tuna salad sandwiches; I hated both, so she’d leave a scoop of plain noodles and cook up some onions, garlic, and celery if she had time and I’d mix those with a scoop of plain tuna.  YUM.).

Speaking of fully employed…  I think I said a week or two ago that I’ve been working part-time.  It’s a testament to the whole “who you know is more important than what you know” idea – I got this job through a friend who happened to know the people running the department.  They had an opening, called my friend, my friend referred me, and – presto! – I got hired.  Now, I absolutely adore this department and I would stay here without hesitation, if I had a full-time position (or one that paid like a full-time position) and benefits.  The boss is amazing, the coworkers are incredible, and even when the mood was stressy (I’m working at a University and for the first few weeks of class we had some long lines of students needing help), there was far less pressure than at my previous jobs.  It’s about 180 degrees away from the environment of my former workplace.

Unfortunately there probably won’t be a full-time job for me here.  There’s a tiny possibility that a job will be created, or that the staff member who is currently out of the office will not return.  But the odds are about 100,000-to-1.  So I’m looking elsewhere.  I had an interview on Tuesday for a job that I think I would really enjoy.  Here, too, is a case of “who you know is more important than what you know” – I’m no more qualified for this position than for any of the dozens of positions I’ve applied for – at the same University – over the last year.  But since I have someone who works for the department who can vouch for me, I got called to come in to meet with the boss.  Will it work, so I can ultimately obtain gainful employment?  Who knows?  But it was awfully nice to be called in.  For the record, they didn’t ask any of the scary questions one worries about when one is unemployed for almost a full year.

I’ve had a nonstop barrage of baby showers and other parties to attend, and in the next month and a half I’ll be coordinating a fundraiser and a wedding.  I’m still trying to find time to attend a meeting of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  I’m still working on PR for the production company my friend is launching.  My garden is still teeming with life, including some brand new blooms on my pumpkin plant.  I’ve been helping my husband in his classroom a lot.  Yeah, life is busy!

But I’m still here…  Life is good.  And I’m happy!


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