Ditching the Pajamas

1 Dec

I made an observation this afternoon to my husband: I’ve spent less time in pajamas since I’ve been staying home all day than I did when I was working, at least the last year or so of my job.  I’d come home and quickly change from my work clothes into PJs.  Maybe it was that I didn’t want to get my work clothes all full of cooking?  I think it was more because I wanted to “take off” work as much as possible.

I’ve also watched less television and woken up consistently less exhausted.  We have been going to bed at a consistenly earlier time, which helps (about 1/2 hour earlier than we were).  But I’m also sleeping.  Which really helps.

I also went for a walk today – about 3 miles – with my neighbor.  First of all, I’ve had more energy all day.  I feel awesome (if a bit sore).  I know I love walking – when I was doing it all the time I felt like a totally different person.  So this is no surprise.  But it is refreshing.  And second of all, I have said for years I wanted to get to know my neighbor better.  I’ve always been so stressed out that even when we’d do things together I don’t think I was a particularly good friend.  Now we’re going to go walking a couple of times a week – and I am so excited to finally get to spend time with her! 

I’m just feeling so blessed…  And enjoying living the kind of life where pajamas are only for sleeping.


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