Secondhand Love

28 Oct
I loooooove shopping secondhand.  Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, Swap Meets, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales…  75% of my furniture was purchased (or scrounged) secondhand and I find some of my favorite gifts – for other people as well as myself! – in secondhand places.  I just can’t help myself – antiques, even mid-century ones, tend to be better-made (and more durable), more beautiful, and more creative than a lot of what is available in stores today.  If I had hundreds of dollars, I would decorate my whole house in beautiful, old, eclectic pieces (as it is, it’s a pretty strange mix of what I could find when I needed it).

I am often drawn to certain things – I love kitchen gadgets and fun cook- and serve-ware, old cookbooks, records, and holiday goodies.  I also have an eye for vintage jewelry – but not the budget!  Here are some of my favorite finds! 

First up, kitchen goodies:

secondhand 001

My fun kitchen gadgets. I use the hand mixer ALL the time!

secondhand 003

My collection of cookie cutters. I even found the set of red ones in the box (at the back)

secondhand 005

My pyrex collection. Actually this is only about 80% of my Pyrex collection. I love Pyrex. You can almost never break these, and we use them constantly!

secondhand 008

More fun stuff to bake in and use - a mixture of new and old

secondhand 009

Old Tupperware - like the old Pyrex, it's almost indestructible!

secondhand 010

Serving ware I love the Serv-a-Snack kit!

secondhand 012

My gorgeous glasses! Old glass is really thick or really dainty - but I love the excellent quality.

secondhand 013

A fraction of my vintage cookbook collection

secondhand 015

A handwritten page from a recipe book I "adopted"

secondhand 022

Interesting vintage china originally purchased to use for the centerpieces at our wedding

secondhand 028

More vintage china - I love the art deco-esque salt and pepper shakers!

 And now a few more fun finds:

secondhand 029

Some of my favorite vintage records

secondhand 030

Fun kids' records! Kids' records are really hard to find because they usually get scratched up... To find them in good condition and not marked up to stupid prices by a collector is a feat!

secondhand 034

Some of my newer Christmas finds - we've also found an awesome 3-foot light up Santa (yes, I adore it's cheesiness) and a ton of other excellent Christmas swag, as well as fun bits and pieces for other holidays too!

Yes, this was merely a self-indulgent post, but it makes me smile! 🙂


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