Floating Away…

19 Aug

I just got home from a party where different groups came up with different themes.  Each group then hosted a progressive party based on their theme.  Our theme was a 1950s Malt Shop.  I’m not going to lie, it was adorable!!  But that’s not the reason I’m posting at 1:00 am on a Tuesday (er, Wednesday?).

It’s to tell you to run – don’t walk – to your grocery store and get all the bits and pieces you need to make these drinks.

Like, now.


No, seriously. 


Last year my group did waaaay too many drinks and made a very complicated mess.  This year we decided to focus on just three alcoholic beverages – all of them floats.  We used a good vanilla gelato, but any good vanilla ice cream would work.  Each of the drinks was made with about 1 shot of the alcohol, 1 small scoop of gelato, and 10-ish ounces of the soda.  I wish I had photos – unfortunately we were scrambling at the end and I didn’t take them – but we garnished them with cookies and wedges of clementine orange and stuck a straw in each one (the gelato melted enough that no spoon was needed, but if I were making these for a smaller group, on demand, in nice glasses, I’d use iced tea spoons).

The three flavors were:

  1. Rock Star Root Beer (vanilla vodka and root beer; the most popular flavor)
  2. Blue Dreamsicle (blue curacao and creme soda; a gorgeous blue color and oh so tasty; people were scared of this one but trust me it’s worth it…  alternatively you could do some sort of citrusy vodka or triple sec with an orange soda, but who doesn’t think that a bright blue drink is a party in a glass?)
  3. Rum and Coke (this one tells it like it is – spiced rum with coca cola)

The drinks were fun and oh-so-tasty; a very sweet and refreshing end to an evening and an mature twist to a classic favorite.  I want to have an ice cream party just so I can serve them to my friends!!!


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