Coming “Clean”

16 Jun

I have a confession. 

It’s not dirty…  In fact, it’s the opposite.

I love the smell of clean laundry. 

As a kid, I’d wait until my parents were about to take a load out of the dryer.  I’d jump on their bed and wait for them to dump a basket of sheets or towels or clothes on top of me and I’d luxuriate in the warm softness of the freshly-washed garments and linens.  I’d bring a piece to my nose and just sniff and sniff.  Even now, laundry is one of my favorite chores to do, because I can enjoy that smell.

There’s a grate in the alley on the way from my office to the neighborhood Starbucks – it’s a vent from the adjacent hotel’s laundry room and there is always a warm, damp breeze blowing from it.  I try to walk on that side of the group whenever we walk down to get coffee, just so I can smell the comforting scent.

This afternoon I walked down on my own to get a tea latte.  On the way back, not caring if anyone saw, I deliberately walked over the grate, stopped and stood there for a minute, letting my hair be blown by the warm, moist air and breathing big deep breaths of the fresh smell.  Then I walked back to the office with a smile on my face.


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