House Hunt Update

15 Jun

I just heard back from the mortgage broker/realtor.  1) We’re checking out a house we fell in love with in April.  It went off the market and just went back on.  We’re going out there tomorrow.  It’s priced below-market so she’s convinced something’s wrong with it; we’re being cautiously optimistic.  It’s on a 1/2 acre with a pool (so I really hope that there’s NOT something wrong with it!).  2) She finally got back to me about our credit.  My husband’s score is even higher than expected.  Like almost perfect, the bastard! 🙂  Mine is significantly lower than his; as I said last week, I moved out and made some dumb choices, and then I was late on some payments (dumb, dumb, dumb).  But it’s higher than I thought (feared) it would be and should be positively impacted by the payoff of one of my credit cards and the reduction in balance of the other.

The bottom line is that, while I wish my credit history was better overall, it’s about 100 points better than it was three years ago.  And, while I’ve singlehandedly gone through more credit than I ever thought possible (honestly, who’d have thought that just living would have been so expensive?), we’ve got a handle on spending and we’re paying down balances and we should still qualify for a loan at a decent rate.

I still need positive vibes, though!!!!


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