With a Clean House…

13 May

Comes a much cleaner slate for a brain.  I actually have room to think in there.  Of course, I also have room to make a mess…

I’m not trying to be obtuse today, but I can’t say everything that’s on my mind!  Let’s just say there’s so much good stuff going on that I’m trying to keep from jinxing it.  I’ve got all sorts of energy running through me right now, a far cry from the exhausted, beaten-down, stressed-out person who was inhabiting my incredibly messy (and sometimes just nonfunctional) house (um, and body?) over the last several months.  Here’s hoping that this lasts.

On another note entirely, it’s also a good thing that my house is clean for a very simple reason: I won’t be tripping over stuff with my bad ankle.  I don’t think I posted anything about it last week, but on Thursday I was walking to my car in the parking garage downstairs from my office and my right foot shot out from underneath me.  It twisted violently and I went down on both knees.  I carefully pulled myself up (lamenting the fact that the stupid building owner had hired the garage manager the week before) and limped, crying, to my car.  On the way, I checked all around where I’d slipped – nothing visible at all, but something was extremely slick (soaked-in oil?).  I’ve been avoiding the spot ever since.

I actually stayed home on Friday, mostly due to the fact that our elevator here at the office is nonfunctional for the fourth week in a row (they’re supposedly doing a complete rebuild, but I haven’t seen anyone working on it since they were jackhammering it the first week they took it offline) and I work on the third floor.  Even today, getting up those stairs was an act of sheer will – my ankle screams at me with every step.  Yesterday afternoon, it was so painful, so swollen, and so bruised that I finally called the doctor to see what she said.  And although it’s highly unlikely that I did any damage to anything other than the soft tissues, I’m supposed to get an X-ray tomorrow morning (yay, more time at the doctor’s office, as though I haven’t had my fill over the last month!).

So…  It’s a really nice feeling to know I’m not going to end up taking a giant spill after whacking my foot on an outlying piece of junk.  Yay for clean houses!


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