Very, very weird…

26 Mar

Last night I was actually asleep for only the second time in over a week.  I was ripped out of my dream by my cell phone’s ring.  Blearily, I stumbled out of bed, following the sound of the stupid little song (I’ve never gotten around to changing the ringtone on this phone).  I didn’t bother to turn on any lights – it was pitch black and I fumbled around my purse, unable to locate the source of the ring.  I finally remembered that it was in the back pocket of my purse and pulled it out.

Now, by this time, my phone had rung – and rung – probably 15 or 20 times.  While I was standing there (not even while I was walking) it had already rung more than it ever does.  It’ll usually go through the song three or four times, max five, before switching automatically to voice mail.  It was already on ring SEVEN since I’d located my purse (since I was scrabbling around inside for such a long time) by the time I pulled it out.

Strangely, the display was not lit, even though the thing was still ringing in my hand.  I was slightly creeped out by this point, but more annoyed than anything.  I opened it up and said “Hello?”

Nothing.  Not heavy breathing, not sounds of being pushed around in someone’s purse, not “oops, this dropped into the baby’s crib.”  Just nothing.  I hung up, turned on the light, and looked at the display again.  I checked the missed calls.  Nope, not there.  There was an unfamiliar number on the “Calls Received” screen, though, an 858- number I’d never seen.  By this time, I was awake, having been startled out of sleep, and kind of pissed.

I dialed the number.

It rang four times and went to voicemail (Verizon, I think).  What sounded like “Accia Moreno” (I kind of missed the first name) simpered her name.  I left a message – squinting at the time display on the cable box – telling them that it was midnight and I’d just gotten a call from this number, and I’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t do it again.  After I hung up, I checked the time – twice.  11:58.

I just checked my phone again, to see if I could place the number.  Maybe a coworker or a Board member whose name isn’t programmed into my phone?  I couldn’t come up with a thing.  But I did notice something that gave me a case of the goosebumps.

The call log says that I “received” the phone call last night at 11:36.

My cable box and my bedroom clock both said 11:58 when I shut off the light.  I didn’t take more than a few minutes to leave the message for the person who called.  The time on my phone is correct right now, by the way, and I have no reason to believe that it was off by 20 minutes last night for some strange reason.

So why did my phone ring so many times?  Enough times to wake me up, allow me to walk blearily to the phone and search aimlessly through my purse, hold the phone in my hand and look for a display but not find one, and then to pick it up?  Why does it have registered no missed calls – but that I “received” a call 20 minutes before I woke up?  Why didn’t the display light up?  It’s never done that before…  And who called me?  I’m assuming it was a prank call/drunk dial/kid grabbed the phone/wrong digit dialed situation.  But why wouldn’t they pick up if I dialed them immediately after I hung up, even just to say “oops, sorry”?  For that matter, why was there complete silence on the other end of the phone?  I’ve heard plenty of heavy breathing, kids in the background, and bouncing around purse noises, even when I was getting all those phone calls a couple of years ago, all throughout the day (no one ever was on the other end, but there was always the sound of something happening).  Last night?  Complete silence.

I am seriously completely creeped out right now.  I know there’s probably a perfectly logical explanation for it all…  But what?



Edited the next day to add: I checked again the time logs on my phone.  And I did indeed “receive” the call at 11:36.  The outgoing call, however?  11:58.  Just as my cable and my bedroom alarm clock said.  So what happened?  Did my phone ring for 20 minutes?  How?  I can’t help but go down the “supernatural force” path of creepiness…  I’m quite disturbed by the whole ordeal.

Edited just a few seconds later: I’m not going to think about it anymore.  I googled “phone ringing for 20 minutes” and got all sorts of “paranormal” cell phone call hits.  So-and-so talking to their dead relative and such…  *Shivers*  I’m going to just try to ignore the whole thing!!!


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