My New Year’s Resolution? Ignore Weight Loss Commercials.

5 Jan

Have you ever noticed how many weight loss commercials show up right around the New Year?  We’re being innundated with everyone’s favorite New Year’s resolution: losing weight.

But don’t be fooled – these people are making money off of you.  They want you to buy their fake food (“it’s so easy!”), or join their club (“for just a dollar a day!”) or try this brand new (read: the same as it ever was, with a new name) weight loss program.  In one day of watching television (stuck at home with the flu), I’ve seen commercials for Nutri-System, Weight Watchers (both online and in-person), Curves, Bally, 24 Hour Fitness, SlimFast, and SlimQuick Hoodia, to name just a few.

I’ve also noticed something that distresses me: every single person they feature in these commercials is either: a) not the same person featured in before-and-after photos or b) NOT in need of a weight loss program.  I think it’s the commercial makers’ way of guilting those of us who could stand to lose a few pounds into thinking we’re really porky.  I mean, if this little skinny thing needs to use this product to lose weight, how could I possibly be healthy doing anything else?

So I’ve decided that there’s a resolution I need to make this year.  I refuse to be guilted into thinking I need some expensive product.  I am not a skinny thing – but I guess that means that I can be healthy myself.  I’ve got a plan: ignore weight loss commercials, eat as healthy as I can, and walk with friends.  I think it’s far better than any fancy plan or gym or “supplement” or “lifestyle program”.  And it’s all me.


One Response to “My New Year’s Resolution? Ignore Weight Loss Commercials.”

  1. Aditi January 6, 2009 at 1:02 pm #

    Hey Lisa

    Just read your “weightloss” post .. you are right.. i mean many a times they actually look very fake .. girls who are like size 0 digitally blown up and then reduced down just to increase their product sale ..
    But surprisingly people blindly go after em ..

    Loved your new year’s resolution .. i am continuing on my 2008’s resolution . which was to eat lots and lots of fruits.. and i was able to accomplish in 08 and i guess i can do it this yr as well ..

    You go girl .. 🙂

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