22 Dec

I figured since I was on this body image rant lately, I would give everyone in need of a body image boost some homework.  I was told several years ago by a very dear friend of mine (who is a curvy, sexy, gorgeous woman!) to read this book. 

It’s truly inspirational and a good, fun read too.  Maybe it’ll make you think a little bit differently about your own body image.  If nothing else, it’ll stop you from reading those diet books or fashion magazines that only cut you down and depress you (because, after all, without low body image the diet industry wouldn’t be in business and the fashion magazines wouldn’t sell nearly as many copies!).

The book is called A Fat Girl’s Guide to Life, by Wendy Shanker.  You can get it on Amazon, here: http://www.amazon.com/Fat-Girls-Guide-Life/dp/1582344280

Happy reading!


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