18 Dec

Women spend a lot of time worrying about the way they look.  They’re too fat, or thin, or flat-chested, or busty.  No one seems to be happy with the way she is, just the way she is.

My husband and I were watching TV last weekend and came across a show on BBC about women whose small breasts were keeping them from being happy.  Some of these women wouldn’t leave their homes for fear that they’d be judged by their breast size.  These were beautiful, slender women.  Gorgeous faces.  Small breasts, certainly.  But not disproportionately so.  At least one could have been classified as “emaciated.”  I commented that perhaps they’d have breasts if they ate a cookie once in a while.  Then I stopped.  I realized that this was simply a reverse issue of the one I’ve complained about.

Women like me, with large breasts, often complain that bras aren’t made right for us.  That clothing doesn’t fit.  That everything “cute” is made for skinny model-type women.  Women with curves are overlooked by a lot of clothing designers.  So I complain about the same issue.  Just in reverse.

So it got me thinking…  And I have quite a bit to say.  Probably it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but I’m going to say it anyway.  The next couple of days, at least, are going to be devoted to body image.


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