And a partridge in a pear tree…

5 Dec

So it’s Christmas time again.  There’s no denying it now.  The soft rock station has started playing nonstop Christmas carols (which is great because there’s always something on), the lampposts in La Jolla are adorned with garland and tinsel stars.  I drove across the Adams Avenue bridge over the 805 last night and saw crews draping it with colored lights.  On Wednesday we came home from running errands and my neighbors were wrestling a tree in their front door.

I’m a huge gift giver on Christmas – my mom always made sure that the area under the tree overflowed with presents, and half of the fun of Christmas is surprising people with the most amazing gifts one can find.  Sometimes I spend a lot – last year my mom, sister, and I got my dad a whole component stereo system – and sometimes I spend very little – three years ago I bought fabric, cut it, and sewed armchair covers for the recliner my (then-boyfriend) husband inherited from his great-grandfather (a lot of work, since I really can’t sew, but they turned out fabulously). 

Every year, I try to start early on Christmas presents.  Last year I was super-on-top of things and was completely finished with shopping by December 1st.  This year, I felt like the whole present situation was spiraling out of control by the week before Thanksgiving.  But luckily, thanks to and their Super Saver shipping, my husband and I are about three-quarters of the way through shopping.  Last Friday, we spent the afternoon each in front of a computer, yelling from room to room for the other to check out this site or that page or this item.  We dropped $600 in a little less than three hours, but we only have a few more bits and pieces to sort out. 

Tomorrow, we already have plans – a birthday party and then work.  But this Sunday, I’m hoping we can go get a tree.  We’ll check over the big strand of bulbs that has been hanging on our house since this time last year (no, we didn’t really intend to do it; with all the wedding preparation we didn’t really think about it until October…  and by then we had only a few months left until we’d need to put them back up).  I am almost salivating, thinking about getting the house all put together – I can’t wait!


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