Must be something in the water…

28 Oct

On any given day, somewhere between two and twelve of my colleagues and I visit Starbucks.  At least once.  It’s convenient – less than a block down the alley behind our building and across the street – and the people know us.  We feed our caffeine habits with gallons of mochas and lattes and the occasional frappuccino.  Last month, I was ecstatic to note that I could get the same flavor in a coffee misto with vanilla flavoring as in a vanilla latte for one dollar less.

But the darn thing is still two dollars and thirty cents.

Now, I am on just as much of a budget as anyone else – in fact, because I work for a nonprofit, I am probably on a tighter budget than most people I know.  Yet, time after time, I fork over two or three bucks just to get my pick-me-up.  As do all my coworkers, some of whom are on an even tighter budget than I.  What’s worse is that at least once a week (and more often, now that the pumpkin scones are in season), I find that I can’t resist the call of the pastry counter.  Cha-ching – another $1.95.

So what is it about Starbucks that makes us willingly plunk down three dollars for twelve cents worth of coffee and milk, a four cent shot of artificial flavoring, and a cup?  Why can we not break this addiction?  Why is it so tempting?

And who wants to make a Starbucks run?  I’m in need of a fix…


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